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Silver didn't like the fact that the 'man' wasn't actually a human. Large, black wings were sprouted out of his back, but it was his fault that Silver took a big interest in wings. From where he stood, he continued staring and grooming the brown foxes crowding around him.
Just a minute later, he just taken noticed that the man with wings was standing right behind him. Silver almost screamed like if... she was right there.
"...M-may I help you?"

"Don’t worry, little human. You already did." Naesala quickly replied holding up a bag of this country’s money that he snagged off the red head and was now currently taunting him with. "I’ll come back if I need more."


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Now this was weird. Silver was standing in the middle of his ranch when a crow, not a murkrow, but a crow, flew down on the fence of the gate and suddenly transformed into a human.
'How?' Silver thought... Now he was interested in this person.

The ex-king had been wandering around for a few hours now and had seen some really strange sights but normally he was very good with directions so how he managed to get himself lost, he would never know. He perched on a fence and opted to revert back to his humanoid form to check the map he had pilfered off of some unsuspecting beorc just a couple days ago. Leaning against the fence, Naesala unrolled the map that was tucked away into his tunic and tried to figure out where he was but this map sure was hard to read and he didn’t understand the strange symbols on it. What a complete waste. There was a human up there but the last thing he wanted to do was ask one of them for help.


((/stares at reply— You still have it alright.))

"M-My apologies…" To a level, the man did have a point. One shouldn’t point out another person’s feature so plainly in daylight. But then again, none could blame Amelia for having such a reaction upon seeing the sight. Taguel and manakete, whose ears and limbs differed from human; that she had seen. But a man with wings on his back, wingspans more than twice her height, feathers as dark the night; and his background mysterious like a raven that he was, the tactician couldn’t help but gasped before the surprise.

The raven-haired timidly ruffled her hair, chuckling in awkwardness, “W-Well, I just haven’t encountered one of your… kind, before. So do excuse me for my rudeness.” Amelia then looked up at the taller man with a look of curiosity on her face, “…I suppose proper introduction is in order. My name is Amelia. May I ask for yours…?”

[ R-Really? WELL I’M GLAD YA THINK SO. Poor little raven is gunna be so confused by all you awakening people.]

At least she seemed to have good manners or so he observed. With a small sort of amusement, he stretched out his wings and slowly flapped them a couple times before he folded them comfortably again behind him. “Well I do supposed I will accept that excuse of yours, branded— Amelia. My apologies.” He strained a fake smile and approached her further. “I don’t meet many of your kind anymore.”

"The name’s Naesala. You may have heard of me since I do seem to have quite the bad reputation among your kind, the humans and my own." He idly thought back to his people and wondered if that good for nothing hawk king was doing a good job. Perhaps he should pay a visit to Serenes Forest which did seem to be far from where he currently was. "The desert is west of here, am I correct?"







why the fuck didn’t they do spn angels like this


isn’t this from the mv for hyde by VIXX

guys it happened again

Kpop wandered into other fandoms again

omg it happens so often and it’s so amazing

Okay so..I just finished making 100 icons or so and damn I’m proud. I actually have stuff to work with here.

I’ll probably work on my theme tomorrow whenever I actually end up getting home so if any of ya are on, then we can plot but I ain’t going to chase ya since I got a million and one things I multitask with already. [Like having 10 blogs to run, video games and books stacked up on my to-do list, drawings to make and people to see. I’m way too social for my own good sometimes but good thing I don’t have work taking up most of my time now…although I’m not too happy about that.]

AHAHAH;;;; anyways…HELP THE GREAT SKULL-SAMA OUT AND COME SEND ME A MESSAGE OR SOMETHING. Plotting would be nice yeah. VERY NICE. That means you too Maki.

naesala whispered: "You smell funny."



((Well hello there; you beautiful Skull, welcome to the dark side. Finally.))

"…Excuse me?"


Amelia raised a brow, left eye twitching as she turned her gaze to the voice behind her. A man taller than anyone she had seen, slicked back navy-blue hair with a set of dark clothing— almost black as the night. But what caught the tactician’s interest was what behind his back.

"Y-You—!" She yelped frantically, jolting back clumsy; half bent, as if almost fell backwards, "YOU HAVE WINGS!

[What you talkin bout? ALSO I FINALLY REMEMBERED THE LOGIN INFO FOR HIM. Took me long enough. Lets see if I still got the old raven king with me.]

And of course he had on the most smug look anyone could ever imagine. He always loved to make people freak out like that and her reaction seemed to satisfy those very joys in life. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” To be entirely honest, he wasn’t expecting that much of a reaction from her.

"You are aware that it’s quite rude to point out one’s features upon meeting them— but then again who am I to talk." A voice as smug as the expression he never faltered in keeping.

Naesala had this particular jittery feeling around her, much like he got when he was around any other branded but goddess be praised that it was only him who noticed but it seems that she is smart enough to keep her brand hidden. Truth be told, he was completely unaware of what time he was in and how long his nap actually was.


Kilvas logic.